Gala In The Garden 2011

Dear Sabrina,
We want to thank you for all you did for the Gala, once again, and for being such a pleasure to work with.
Your list of tasks is long, and you handle everything so calmly. Thank you for all the many floor plans you created, always willingly adjusting as our plans changed. We appreciate you fielding all the many questions and requests during setup.
We missed you the day of the Gala [I worked at a wedding], but we are thankful for Adrienne [La Dolce Idea’s on-site coordinator at the event] who did a very fine job. Thank you for introducing her to us.
Thank you for everything!
Jim Ruecker, Gala Chair

It’s a joy to work with you! Thanks so much!
Sherri Johnson, Special Events Coordinator at San Diego Botanic Garden

Your talent to the Gala is so important to its success – Thank you for helping to make the Gala 2011 a great success!
Julian Duval, CEO/President of San Diego Botanic Garden

Yes, all this is true and more! I truly enjoy working with you and am thankful for all that you do!
Tracie Barham, Director of Development t San Diego Botanic Garden